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In Texas, all parents have a legal duty to financially support their children. During a divorce, difficult decisions must be made to determine the amount of support required from each parent. Traditionally, the non-custodial parent is required to pay the custodial parent child support in an amount deemed appropriate to support the needs of the child.

Texas Child Support Guidelines

The amount of child support you will receive for your children can either be determined by a judge or through an agreement by both parents. The courts rely on the guidelines set forth in the Texas Family Code, which lay out exact amounts owed based on the payor’s net income and the number of children the payor must support.

The standard guideline support calls for a parent of one child to pay support in the amount equal to 20% of his or her net income. This amount increases to 25% for two children, 30% for three children, and continues to increase for each additional child, with a limit placed at 40% for five children or more. The support amount will deviate from this standard if the paying parent also supports additional children from another relationship.

While the guidelines are in place to help determine an appropriate amount of support, it is alternatively within your rights to come to an acceptable agreement of an amount outside of the guidelines. If you and your spouse cannot agree, the court may issue an order establishing child support in your case.


Our skilled and knowledgeable Collin and Denton county child support attorneys will help find the best answer for you. If guideline support is not appropriate, we will come up with a creative solution tailored to your family.

Here are a few things to consider when parents deviate from the guidelines:

  • The age and needs of the child
  • The parents’ financial resources and ability to pay support
  • The amount of time the child spends with each parent
  • Conservatorship of the child
  • Any financial resources that are available to help support the child
  • The cost of childcare for either parent in order to continue their employment
  • The amount of spousal support paid to or received by either parent
  • Any special needs of the child

Can Parents Agree to No Child Support in Texas?

It is often possible for parents to accept that no child support is needed. Child support is ordered for a variety of purposes. The court wants to keep parents responsible for raising their children, and if no child support is ordered, a parent might not be doing enough.

When the parents claim that no assistance is needed, a judge will consider comparing the parties' incomes. If the incomes are comparable, it can be shown that both parents can fairly afford and split all of the child's expenses.

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